Step 1: You want the MP3 CD “Worship (Jacobs Sing for Jesus English & Tamil Choruses) MP3“ found @ (audio catalog).

Step 2: You pay refundable deposit of Rs.100/- to +91-99622 81426 (QR code below at the end) along with audio number / name and mailing address to send the MP3 CD.

Step 3: CML team send you the MP3 CD by courier or post to the mailing address you provide. Courier / post details are sent to you by  WhatsApp/SMS/email for tracking.

Step 4: After listening to the MP3 CD, you return the MP3 CD by courier or post and inform CML team courier / post details for tracking.

Step 5: After receiving the MP3 CD returned, CML team refund Rs.100/-

Note: For any questions, clarification, concerns, issues, etc.  WhatsApp/SMS +91-99622 81426 or email