For the past 30 years, Kathleen (Catherine Mary Stewart) has carried around the haunting memory of her father abandoning her and her mother on Christmas Eve. She blames her mother for that night and now refuses to celebrate Christmas at all. Although she tries to forget her past, it has not forgotten her.

Because of a blizzard, Kathleen finds herself stuck in her home with two strangers during the days leading up to Christmas. Sam (Muse Watson), a gentle older man Kathleen took in for the night, and Lucy (Cameron Ten Napel), the daughter of her soon to be fiancé (Anthony Tyler Quinn) bring her face to face with the hurts of her past. She has to choose between letting go and grabbing hold of a life-changing forgiveness, or continuing to carry her pain and bitterness.

Director: Tracy Trost Writers: Candace Lee, Tracy Trost

Stars: Catherine Mary Stewart, Muse Watson, Cameron Ten Napel, Anthony Tyler Quinn

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